Saturday, November 29, 2014

Brr! Another Cold Front

Another cold front has moved in today and the temperature is plummeting from the 50's to the 30's and lower.  It's expected to be milder than the last one, but that's still several days of no sewing time for me.  I worked late last night getting my wreath top done, but the sandwiching, quilting and binding will have to wait.

I might put my gloves on tomorrow and brave my cold sewing shed long enough to sort through my Christmas fabrics and decide what to use up next.  Or, I might stay in my mom's toasty warm house and work on crocheted tree ornaments.  I'll decide when I see how icy the front yard is.  It's been raining here so much lately that there's no way to get to my shed without splashing through puddles.  Only 5 more months to go until May -- that's when the rain lets up.

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