Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunrise, Sunset QAL: The Final Steps

It's Amazing what I can accomplish when I don't get interrupted every 15 minutes or so!  Saturday afternoon, I finished eight blocks.  On Sunday afternoon, I had just enough time to sew up the ninth block and then sew the blocks into rows of three before company came.  Today, I had sewn two rows together and was halfway through the last one when a car came up the driveway.  Trudy, my chihuahua, gets really, really excited when anyone comes and usually runs off to greet them.  But the weather has turned cold and the doors are shut most of the time now, so Trudy, unable to contain her excitement, just runs and jumps all over everything indoors.  I did my best to ignore her and finish the last seam as she ran back and forth across my sewing table.  I paused briefly only for the fractions of seconds when she actually obscured my view.  My top, minus borders, is now done!

Here are the final steps of constructing the block.

 The units made last time are sewn together to make the light and dark quadrants of the block.  They look like kitties to me, but they also look a lot like my chihuahua with her pointy ears standing at alert attention.  If you're not fond of animals, I suppose they could resemble the feathered end of an arrow.

The new seam on both color arrangements is pressed toward the half with the dark square.
(The light kitty above was not being very cooperative about being photographed!)

Now it's time to sew a light quadrant to a dark one.  I chose to press this seam toward the dark kitty.

Finally, sew two halves together to complete the block.

I found it easiest to not press this seam, waiting until I sewed the blocks together so that I could finger press the seams in opposite directions when the time came.  I'm putting this project aside until January to add borders and such, but I'll try to get a photo of it tomorrow.

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