Monday, November 17, 2014

Unusual 4-Patch Design!

It froze harder last night, so I'm bundled in my flannels and fleece, sipping hot chocolate and playing on the computer.  While flipping through my 4-patch file in EQ (Electric Quilt), I found this virtual quilt design that I had been playing with at some point in time.

It sure doesn't look like a 4-patch to me!  After studying the situation a bit, I found that I had been playing with a block in EQ called "A Snowflake."

It took me while to find the original block in my variation of it, but it's there.

This is the colored block from the virtual quilt.

This shows all of the lines I added to the original drawing. 

This shows the original coloring of the original block within the new block design.

It's an interesting design and makes a striking quilt pattern, but why is it in my 4-patch file?

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