Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Picture Day!

It was sunny today, so I dared to prop a few quilt tops on a deck chair and take pictures.  My dogs were running about in the muddy yard, so I had to work fast before they decided to jump up on the chair and investigate.  So you're going to see some wrinkles because I didn't dare take time to smooth them out or lat thing out properly.

Here's the Sunrise, Sunset blocks all sewn together!  I haven't yet decided how to finish it, but I have until January to play with border ideas.  Yes, there is another top under it -- I'll share more about it another day.

Below is my infamous chihuahua, Trudy, sitting on my sewing table so that she can look out the window.

 This mass of fur is Dusty, who refused to show his face.  He's on top of the pile of fabrics I pulled out to finish my turkey wall hanging.  If I don't get frozen out, I think I can finish that project tomorrow.

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