Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mourning the End of Tomato Season

At 3 o'clock yesterday, my sewing shed was still only 55 F, so I returned to computer work and odd little tasks that could be done in a warmer environment.  Today, my shed was a warm 70 F and everything is back to normal pretty much.  The only casualty of the arctic weather is my tomato garden.  We've had the longest growing season in years and years, and I've been thoroughly spoiled with home grown tomatoes.  Today, I had to resort to slicing a store-bought artificial tomato for my sandwich, the kind that look like tomatoes but crunch like cucumbers and taste vaguely like tomato water.  Yuck!  I think I'd be better off draining the liquid from a can of  diced tomatoes and spreading the remaining tomato pulp on my sandwich.  I might just try that tomorrow.

Today, I put the binding on my turkey wall hanging finally, and glued the beak and eyes on.  It's sitting on a shelf waiting for the glue to dry.  Tomorrow, I'll put away the fall colored fabrics and dig out my stash of Christmas fabrics.  Oh boy!  Isn't it fun to play with fabrics and dream of what they can become?

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