Monday, December 1, 2014

Works-in-Progress Discovered

It's a normal cold, rainy day here in the Pacific Northwest once again.  The brunt of the cold front hit just north of me, but my sewing shed was still only 40 F yesterday afternoon.  I spent about 45 minutes digging through my Christmas fabrics, then high-tailed it back to my mom's house where both the pellet stove and the old wood stove were fired up (it takes a lot to heat an old house that doesn't have modern insulation).

Once my hands thawed out, I started sorting through a drawer of Christmas fabric I had stored over there and had completely forgotten about.  More surprising was the discovery of two works-in-progress: a table runner and the beginnings of a one-patch topper.  I remember the fabrics in these projects quite well, but I have no real memory of sewing these projects.  Finding them is kind of like finding unexpected gifts!

Here's a section of the table runner.  All it needs, besides a good pressing, is a border of some kind and then it can be sandwiched, quilted and bound!

This scan shows about half of the one-patch project.  I must have been cutting scraps from other projects into 4.5-inch squares and sewing them together as I went.  This little WIP now has 5 rows across and 5 rows down -- not really big enough for much of anything.  I think I'll just continue adding rows to it log cabin style until it's either big enough for something or I run out of scraps.  I'll probably meet the former before the latter!

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