Saturday, December 13, 2014

Project: Bump on the Logs -- Progress

Our normal, cold winter weather has returned, but I spent a couple of hours in my shed today sewing borders on.  As I worked, I noticed that my measurements were not matching those in my EQ rendition.  I must have goofed somewhere!  I brought the completed top over here where my computer is.  Tomorrow, I can redraw what I actually sewed instead of relying on my memory.

I took a short break from my sewing when my mom's caregiver popped in to chat before going home.  All of a sudden, my sewing machine started sewing all by itself!  After a flustered moment or two, I looked down and saw Dusty calmly sitting on the foot pedal.  When I shooed him off, his look seemed to say, "Gee, what's all the commotion about?"  Surprisingly, I didn't have to frog-stitch and redo the 2-3 inches that he sewed.  Can I now claim that this project is so easy that even a dog can sew it?

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