Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Project: Bump on the Logs, part 2

It was a typical drippy, rainy day here in Oregon, but it was an unsually warm 58 F.  So warm that I left my shed door open so the dogs could come and go freely.  Big mistake!  I forgot all about the mud they'd be tracking in.  If you see a few paw prints, you'll know why.  Tomorrow, I'll have to rig up a way to hang things on my door (I have no wall space) to take photos.  I opted to use my scanner today to avoid as many muddy paw prints as possible.

Okay, let's get started.  We're going to do a lot of what I think of as sewing on the freeway: pedal to the metal and only breaking for nature calls, winding the bobbin, and chihuahuas who stand between me and my sewing machine (I really have to think of a new way to arrange my shed so Trudy can't do  that).

Step 1: Sew the strips together.  I like to sew the three "log" strips together first, then sew them to the "bump" strip.  But they can be sewn in any order as long as you end up with four strips of fabric sewn together with the three narrow strips all side by side.

Step 2:  Press the seams in any direction you desire, then subcut the strips into 5-inch wide segments.  These are what I call the Bump on the Logs.  If your fabrics are close to 42" wide or wider, you should get eight segments per strip.  If your fabrics are closer to 40" wide, you might only get seven segments per strip.  I got eight segments per strip, for a total of 24 Bumps on the Logs.

Step 3: Sew four units together, "bump" end to "log" end.  Repeat this six times to make six strips of four units.  Press the seams.  My scanner couldn't get more than 1-1/2 units, but I hope you get the idea.

Step 4:  Cut 6 strips 1.5" x WOF for the "sashing."  I chose my red fabric.  Decide how you want your Bump on the Logs columns to go.  I chose to alternate mine: bump on the top, logs on top, bump on top, etc.  Sew a sashing strip to the right side of your first column.  Press the seam.

Step 5: Sew your second column to the sashing strip used in step 4.  Press the seam.

Step 6: Sew a sashing strip to the right side of the second column; press the seam.  Sew the next column to this sashing strip; press the seam.  Repeat until all columns have been sewn together with sashing.

Step 7:  Sew the last sashing strip to the left side of the first column.  Press the seam.

You should now have a top that measures about 28" long and 34" wide.  In part 3, we'll add borders and change the dimensions so that the top will be longer than it is wide.

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