Sunday, November 17, 2019

New Applique Pattern: Chloe at Christmas

Meet Chloe, one of my black and white tuxedo cats.  Here she is after being caught in the act of taking off with a Christmas ornament.  Tuxedo cats (IMHO) seem to possess the remarkable ability to portray several oxymoron-like facial expressions all at the same time.  When caught in the act of something they know you don't approve of, they somehow manage to look innocent/guilty, meek/rebellious, penitent/defiant all at once.  I've tried to portray that in this applique pattern, which is free on my website until Dec. 15, 2019.

Although tuxedo cats are perhaps best known for their black and white coats, they come in white with gray, silver, orange or tortoiseshell, too.  So don't hesitate to work up Chloe in the colors of your choice.  You can even go a little crazy and use colors not seen in nature, likke the blue and red illustrations below.

You might remember Chloe from Sunny's Fifth Christmas, one of my patterns that came out about 10 years ago.  There was something about Chloe's white muzzle that seemed to make her look like she was always up to something.  And in fact, she was the most mischievous of my cats.