Saturday, October 19, 2019

New Critter Redux: Cirrus the Turkey

I just uploaded a new pattern for Cirrus the Sundrop Turkey to my website: .  Cirrus will be free through Thanksgiving Day.

Cirrus is one of the original Sundrop Critters that I created in 2001-2002.  Here's what he originally looked like:

In 2005, I redesigned him to look like this:

While I'm quite happy with this 2005 version, I really wanted a pattern for a fairly simple turkey in profile.  You can blame Missouri Star Quilt Company's Thankful Wall Hanging ( for that!  I love that wall hanging and hope to make one someday.  But, instead of making three 6" Dresden turkeys, I want to make three 6" Sundrop turkeys that all look different.  So now I have three different Sundrop turkeys to use under the 10" Dresden turkey that Jenny Doan shows in the video.