Monday, September 16, 2019

Sundrop Critter Redux: Splash the Beaver

Splash the Beaver just had a gentle make-over and the pattern is free on my website ( until October 15.  I have to admit that I didn't do more than tweak a few things. Even if you were great at solving the Find the Differences puzzles in Highlights magazine, you might not find the four little changes that I made to Splash.

Perhaps the most obvious change is that I made his (or her) teeth bigger.  A beaver's teeth continually grow, so it's only proper that after 17 years that Splash should have bigger teeth!  I also made the nose a bit bigger, moved the nose and eyes a little higher up on the face, and moved the tail a smidgen closer to the body so there's no longer a tiny gap between the two.  And there are two changes that you can't really see from the pictures: I shortened the pattern piece for the foreleg that's in the background (i.e., Splash's right foreleg), and I made the pattern lines thicker and easier to see.  I hope you have fun incorporating Splash into a special project.