Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quilter's I Spy

Inbetween the chores like weeding, defrosting the freezer, washing windows, scrubbing grime off my trailer, etc. (my sister and nephews have been helping, thank goodness!), I've been sorting and reorganizing my accumulation of stuff: clothing, books, kitchen items, and quilting/craft stash. As I was sorting through my little trinkets, it occurred to me that this was a tip I could share about doing the wee folk and critters. Over the years, I've been picking up tiny trinkets from the dollar store as well as stores like Wal-mart and JoAnn's.  My stash includes beads, sequins, metallic confetti, tiny pom poms, tiny wiggle eyes, tiny clothespins, little pre-made applique flowers, narrow ribbons, glitter, fake snow, teeny-tiny buttons, snaps and laces used for doll clothes -- just about anything small that I think might be useful to embellish or save me from creating it myself (like tying tiny bows or cutting out tiny applique flowers or hearts).

I put a small sample of some of these things in a sandwich baggie and scanned it. It looks a lot like a photo in a kid's I Spy book! Look closely and you'll find shamrocks for my wee leprechauns, a variety of hearts for my Sweethearts Ball wee people, pom poms for the elfkins shoes, tiny clothespins for hanging wee clothing, a variety of sequins for decorating wee Christmas trees, etc.

It's a tedious job sorting through all this stuff, but it will be so nice to be
able to quickly find what I want instead of rummaging for hours or buying
something I already have.