Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mysterious Christmas Fabric

Three summers ago, I decided to work at using up my stash of holiday fabrics.  After three quilts and several little projects, I succeeded in reducing my Christmas stash from two full drawers to one full drawer.

Last summer, while trying to re-establish some semblance of order to my shed, I found another drawer full of Christmas fabric.  Total: 2 full drawers.

Last weekend, I decided to make pillowcases and aprons to make another dent in that Christmas stash.  Total: 2 drawers minus 5 yards.

Today, I went to Wal-mart to get a yard of red fabric to finish an apron and turn a Christmas panel into something other than a piece of fabric.  I returned home with 5 yards of Christmas fabric.  Total: 2 full drawers.

My Christmas stash is starting to remind me of that fairy tale about the pot of oatmeal that was always full no matter how many people ate from it. 

The Easter stash is gone.  The Halloween stash has just a few scraps.  The St. Patrick's Day stash is down to 3 pieces, each 1 yard or less.  And the Fourth of July stash takes up less than 1/4th of a drawer.  They're all diminishing.  What's the deal with the Christmas fabric?