Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unwanted Excitement

We had a little more unwanted excitement in my family again, only this time I was the one who got a trip to the Emergency Room in an ambulance.  While shopping, or intending to shop, I slipped on the wet parking lot and fell fast and hard.  Since I coudn't move, breathe or talk at first, someone naturally called 911.  I'm very grateful that we have good emergency care here, but it was a bit embarrassing getting an ambulance ride when I knew intuitively that nothing was broken - I just couldn't catch my breath quickly enough to assure everyone that I was okay.

Ninety minutes later, the x-rays confirmed that nothing was broken.  My superficial head wound was already healing and there was no sign of concussion.  But my right side had been bruised and jarred to the point of causing non-stop muscle spasms, so I've been on medication and haven't done much of anything but sleep for the last twelve days.  I stopped taking the meds today and my mental faculties seem pretty clear now.  I'm still reallly sore but expect to be at work again tomorrow. 

So once again, life has put a detour in my plans and I'm further behind schedule.  But it takes more than a few detours to get me completely off-course.  I will see these BOMs and other projects through to the finish!

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