Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pink Magnolia Bats

While working on the Pink Magnolia block for this month's Home on the Range BOM, I happened to notice that the quadrant units kind of looked like bats wearing big bow ties (possibly because the dots in the red fabric look like eyes in the lower right quadrant!).  The bows seemed just a bit big, so I played a little with the block in Electric Quilt and came up with this design:

Now I just need to find time to test this with fabric.  But I think I'll make five of the bat units and join them together horizontally to make a valance for my shed's door.  And if I can find the little plastic wiggle eyes left from my days of doing child care, I'll add them.  But then again, the block above in the 14" size would make a cute trick-or-treat bag.  And a big, big block (like a 21" or 28" size) would make a cute table topper with a candy dish positioned in the center.  Decisions, decisions!

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