Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bow Tie Bat Block

Saturday is usually my day to play (not work!) in my sewing shed, but the weather was sunny and mild yesterday so I did outdoor chores.  Today, my arthritic foot is complaining loudly that I overdid it yesterday, so I snuck in some playtime this afternoon.  Here's what my test block for the Bow Tie Bat looks like:
He's a classy bat dressed in a tux!  I'm not sure what to do for eyes, yet.  The ones you see now are straight pins with extra large ball point heads.  They're great for testing different positions for the eyes, but they can only be temmporary.

I haven't found my wiggle eyes, but I did find a bucket of Duplo blocks that had gotten wet enough that green, brown and black microbial yuck was starting to grow on the blocks.  I dumped them in a sinkful of sudsy, antibacterial water and have been working at cleaning them off and on all day.  After trying various cleaning tools, I finally decided on a toothbrush.  It works to get around all those "teeth," but it's tedious work.  I wonder if the Lego company has ever thought of designing a cleaning tool for cleaning a bucket of blocks at once?  I am happy to discover that the faces on the little people/animal blocks held up to being scrubbed.

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