Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mother Goosey?

The weather turned wet and cold again a few days ago, so I've been staying indoors hugging the heater - well, I would if I could!  But today was shopping day so I had to venture outdoors.  The sun had actually made an appearance before I returned home, so I poked around outside to check on Goosey's eggs.  Goosey has been a busy lady: there are now 12 eggs in the nest that I rarely see her sitting on (I can see it from my office window).  Either she hasn't got much in the mothering instincts department or she knows that sitting on those eggs is a complete waste of time.

Monday is garbage pick up day.  The eggs will mysteriously disappear this weekend.  I won't feel so bad knowing that Goosey doesn't seem to be much of a mother goose.  Of course, if I had to sit on eggs in 30-degree weather with snow and rain falling on me, I would be shirking my duty, too.  I wonder why Goosey chose to lay eggs out in the open instead of in a sheltered spot under cover?  There are plenty of sheltered spots around here to choose from, including the one that was especially built for Goosey.

UPDATE:  Goosey caught us in the act of removing her eggs.  Although she gave us quite a scolding, she didn't attack anyone.  Half an hour later, she seemed to have either forgiven us or forgotten the incident.

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Tara K said...

So, I have a question. What did you do with the eggs? Are they fit to eat?