Monday, September 1, 2014

Quilt-Along Images: Will They Upload?

I'm trying this again with a different web browser and with smaller images -- wish me luck!

Eureka! We're getting somewhere!  These are the two heart fabrics that I'm using.
Below is the "Sunrise, Sunset" block that I've chosen.  It might be known by half a dozen other names, too -- I haven't looked it up yet in Barbara Brackman's reference book. 

And here are a few alternate colorations of this block.  It's a two-color, positive/negative block, so just about the sky's the limit with color and print options.  I'm making 8-inch finished size blocks and can get 9, maybe 12 blocks from my less-than-one-yard fabric pieces.  Larger size blocks will require larger pieces of fabrics.  Or this could make a nice scrappy project with lots of lights and darks of similar value.

Does anyone besides me see kitty heads in most of these blocks?  They seem so dominant to me that I've started thinking of the four quadrants as kitties - light and dark kitties.  So don't be confused if I slip up sometime and call something the kitty unit!

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sharon said...

Oh, that is so funny!. I didn't see kitties til you said something, now the block is full of them. I still love it.