Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Ideas for the Misty the Mouse Block

The sunny weather here has been replaced by more typical rainy weather, so I used my scanner to take photos of my work in progress for my Misty the Mouse project.  This project is too large for my scanner, but the Electric Quilt images will help fill in the whole story.  Here's the EQ version:

And here's what I have done so far:

The mouse and Churn Dash blocks are 6" square each (finished size).  They are framed by a 1" finished (1.5" cut) yellow border.  The 4-patch borders are made of 2.5" cut squares, then the entire top is framed by a 2" finished (2.5" cut) yellow border with a blue binding.  You can find instructions for the Churn Dash block here:
The finished project will measure aprox. 32.5" x 20.5".  It will make a cute wall hanging, but mine will go on a small console table where I keep my landline phone.

If you need a larger wall hanging or baby quilt, cut a stack of 2.5" squares, sew a bunch of 4-patch blocks and add rows of 4-patch blocks to the bottom until you get the length you want.  Then add 2" and/or 4" outer borders to get the size of quilt you want.  On the virtual quilt below, I added 5 more rows of 4-patch blocks, then a 2" yellow border and a 4" green border.

Or, if you need a nursery rhyme themed baby quilt, make 3 applique blocks for a Three Blind Mice inspired baby quilt that might look something like the virtual quilt below, which has three 6" mouse blocks and four plain 6" blocks with 4-patch blocks made from 3.5" cut squares.  I added a 3" strip of background fabric above the mice before adding a 1" blue border and a 3" neutral border.

Mice are cute and I have a lot of fun playing with mice, as long as they're not real!  If mice of any kind give you the creeps, substitute another critter block in these pattern ideas.

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