Wednesday, March 1, 2017

For the Birds BOM: Layouts and Fabric Requirements

It's time to start a new BOM!  During the two years when nothing seemed to be going right with my health, I frequently found myself muttering, "This is for the birds!"  After a while, my mind naturally started translating that common phrase into a quilt idea that I worked on now and then when I felt well enough to do something.  The time has finally come to take it from paper to fabric!

Like my kitten and puppy BOMs, this one is a combination of piecing and applique.  This time, however, the appliques are on separate blocks.  If you absolutely, positively do not like applique, you can substitute a simple pieced block.  But these appliques are simple silhouettes, so I hope you'll give them a try.

The patterns will include cutting measurements for 6" and 12" blocks for the pieced blocks, and the projects have different layout designs for each size.  In the illustrations below, the rotary cutter represents pieced blocks and the fabric patches represent applique blocks.  Both designs work well as 2 or 3 color quilts or as scrappy quilts with light and dark colors that contrast well.  If making a 2-color quilt, choose a second dark for the medium.

Wall Quilt with 6" and 4" Blocks

This small project uses 6" pieced blocks and 4" applique blocks.  The top (without borders) measures 24" x 26".  You will need:
          light: 1-1/8 yards
          medium: 3/8 yard
          dark: 3/4 yard

Twin Bed Quilt with 12" Blocks 

This design uses 12" pieced blocks with the appliques on 12 of the 6" cornerstones. The top, without borders,measures 60" x 98".

For the 12" blocks you will need:
          light: 2-3/8 yards
          medium: 3/4 yard
          dark: 1-3/4 yard

For the sashing and cornerstones you will need:
            light: 2-1/2 yards
            dark: 1-1/2 yards


I didn't include borders in the layouts above because there are so many ways to do them.  Below is one possibility for the twin quilt.  I colored the borders green and purple to make it easier to get separate fabric requirements in EQ -- I would use colors consistent with the sashing in the actual quilt.

This border is comprised of a 6" rail fence (three 2" strips) sandwiched between two 3" strips.  To make a border like this without piecing the long strips, you will need:
          light: 9-1/2 yards
          dark: 2 yards

However, if you don't mind piecing WOF strips to make the borders, you will need much less:
          light: 3-1/2 yards
          dark: 1 yard

Throughout the year, I  will post other border ideas that are more scrap-friendly and therefore more economical.  You might like one of them better.  Or you can always create your own layout and border ideas.  Let the creative juices flow!

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