Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Surprise, More Options

While working at the house computer last night, I noticed a bit of red fabric peeking out of the pile of junk mail that no one wants to deal with.  Of course, I ignored the junk mail and tugged on that piece of red fabric.  Much to my surprise, another heart block materialized!
Wow!  I now have 9 blocks to work with instead of 8!  This opens up a whole lot of options that couldn't be considered before.  I mean, what can you do with just 8 blocks?  A linear wall hanging or valance?  A table runner?  A tote bag?  Two chair covers?  Eight mug rugs or coasters?  Four placemats?  A border on a girl's skirt or jumper?  A sewing machine cover?  Two armchair caddies?  Eight eyeglass cases?  Four tiny tote bags?  Eight apron pockets?  Four doll-size jumpers?  Eight pin cushions or needle keepers?  A dog jacket or four (depending on whether you're dealing with a German Shepherd or a chihuahua)?  A teddy bear or two?  Four Christmas stockings?  Two valentine keepers or notebook covers?

What can I now do with 9 blocks?  Now I can make a lap quilt or a baby quilt or a square wall quilt or a uh, uh, .... 

Lol!  I guess the options didn't increase all that much in reality.  Nine just seems so much easier to work with than eight.

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Tommy said...

Hi Sandy-

I really enjoy taking a tour of your website. Filled w/very useful and great ideas.Thanks for all you give to the quilting community.

Thanks again