Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bread Maker Update

While checking reviews on bread makers, I noticed that many reviewers said the first loaf or two smelled funny.  They were right!  My first loaf of bread smelled so badly of machine oil (I think that's what it was) that I couldn't eat it.  Goosey got to eat most of that loaf.  The second loaf smelled much better and was edible.  Now, I'm ready to try other things in it, like quick breads and cakes, but was quite disappointed that all those recipes included in the booklet that came with the bread maker call for commercial box mixes.  Gee, the only reason I bought a bread maker was to get away from processed foods!

I was starting to wonder if the bread maker was worth the $33 I paid for it.  Then I went grocery shopping today and noticed that the price of bread had gone up again.  The cheap, store label brand of breads (that aren't the really cheap "balloon" bread) is now $2.49 a loaf (it was $1.99).  That's one of the brands that now taste bitter to me.  The one brand I found that I can still tolerate is now $4.99 a loaf!  Guess I made a good investment afterall.

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