Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chained Star Project

It's still Saturday here on the west coast, so I'm squeaking in under deadline even though most of you have called it a day and tucked yourself under a quilt.  My dial-up internet service was being quite cranky today and disconnecting every 5-30 minutes.  When your modem works at 24K, 5 minutes is barely enough time to even log on!

Anyway, on to the project!  Here's a shot of the novelty fabric I've chosen for this project.
It's a kid print with bright primary colors which will be fun to work with.  This fabric came in a pack of FQs and being a large print, the options for using it are rather few.  With fussy-cutting, there's enough to get four 6.5" squares, but I've decided on a 1-block project: a large wall pocket for stashing diapers or bedside reading material or other treasures that clutter a kid's bed until mom or dad insists that they be put away.

The copyright for my Chained Star block currently belongs to Quiltmaker so I can't give you instructions for making the block for at least another 6 months when the copyright returns to me.  While we wait for the 100 Blocks issue to go on sale (May 10), I'll share some of my pre-sewing process with you.  First, I pulled coordinating fabrics from my stash.  I settled on a red with white dots, a yellow with tiny black and white butterflies (I think that's what they are) and a black with white "chalk" drawings. 

Next, I used  Electric Quilt software to play with the colors, and I found even more ways to color this block!
Oh my, it's going to be difficult choosing just one!  Since children often think of stars as yellow or gold, I chose yellow for the star points in most of the colorways and I'll most likely choose one where the star really pops out, but isn't it interesting how a set of five shapes in one configuration can yield so many variations.  A dozen blocks could easily be made with these four fabrics with each block being different. And even though they're different, the "chain" still links them all together.  I love playing with designs!

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Donna Russ said...

I love the whole thing but the one on the top with the black frame and gold star,on the end, thats my favorate....