Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Yardage and Borders for Home on the Range, 14" blocks

Here are the yardage requirements for the Home on the Range BOM when using 14" blocks.

1-1/2 yds. Color A - very light (includes enough for seventeen 2.5" wide sashing strips)
3/4 yd. Color B - light (yellow on my EQ blocks)
3/4 yd. Color C - medium (green on my EQ blocks)
3/4 yd. Color D - medium (blue on my EQ blocks)
1 yd. Color E - dark (red on my EQ blocks)
1/2 yd. Color F - very dark (navy on my EQ blocks)
These amounts include a little extra for a few miscuts along the way.  Excluding sashing, the largest pieces in the BOM are 5" squares and 2.5" x 6.5" rectangles, so an extra 1/4 yd. will go a long way in covering any mistakes.  Add the extra 1/4 yard if you're concerned about shrinkage or multiple miscuts or just want extra fabric to play with creative urges along the way.
Amounts above include 2.5" (2" finished) wide sashing and cornerstones, but do not include borders.  The border that I designed is pieced and makes the most of our precious fabrics.  If you decide to use this border, add 1/4 yard to all of the yardage amounts above.
Finished size of this layout with 14" blocks will be 54" x 70" - large enough for a sofa throw or a twin bed topper (nothing to tuck in at the foot of the bed).  For binding, you will need 7.25 yds. purchased binding or 1/2 yd. fabric to make your own double-fold binding (non-bias).

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