Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tonganoxie Nine-Patch

Here's the finished Tonganoxie 9-Patch block (that I can't upload to my web site, arrgh) made from the test fabrics that I found at Wal-mart.  These fabrics more closely match the colors that I used in my Electric Quilt versions, so I decided to use them for my instructional photos in the Home on the Range BOM.

This block uses fabrics from the fat quarter sampler I purchased from Connecting Threads.  One thing missing from this sampler is a blue that reads as a medium blue when compared to the other fabrics.  So I chose the lightest blue in the bunch and the darkest red, then used the back side of the red to make it look darker.
The front side of the red print has a lot of white in it, which really brightens the overall color.  On the back side, the white barely shows so the overall color is more like a dull burgundy.  In most cases, I prefer the bright, right side of the fabric, but I think the duller back side works better for these small, 1-inch squares (finished size) of fabric in this block.

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