Projects on this page were done in conjunction with the CyberQuilters group on Yahoo.  I'm unable to access Yahoo to post photos to the group's photo albums due to extremely slow dial-up internet connection speeds.

Bucket List Challenges: Each month, a piecing or quilting technique is drawn from a bucket to challenge group members to try something new or maybe retry an old skill they haven't done for awhile.  Here are some of my attempts with these challenges.

1-Patch Challenge, September 2015 -- I chose to work with diamonds in a building blocks setting.  This mug rug is about 8 inches wide.

Delectable Mountains block, 2015 -- I turned my two blocks into a tote bag that now contains a plastic canvas project that I started 2-plus years ago after breaking my thumb.  It was good therapy at the time, but I progressed to sewing and quilting long before I finished the project.  I now work on it when waiting at appointments.  It'll get finished eventually.

Seminole Piecing -- I forget what year this challenge first came up.  It was recently drawn from the bucket again, so I made this scrap from the first challenge into a zippered tote.  You can tell that it's the leftover end by the missing yellow diamond on the right side.  I could have trimmed that side through the red diamond, but didn't want to forfeit the inch in width.

Scrappy Projects:  There has been an ongoing discussion on CyberQuilters about using scraps.  These are some of the ways I use up, or try to use up (it's a never-ending battle!), my scraps.

This tote uses a variety of scraps and leftover blocks and triangles from other projects.  They all have colors in common that tie it all together.  The back side is green like the last border added to the front.  It's a fun bag for toting books and magazines around.

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